Tuesday, September 27, 2011

Ramen champion - tetsu

Went down to ramen champion with d because I had a ramen craving. You know the late at night just finish working kind. My friend ordered iroha so, not wanting to replicate, I tried tetsu instead. Tetsu sells the dipping style ramen where the soup is served separately - actually more like a gravy- and you dip your noodles soba style. The noodles was pretty chewy a bit like la mian or more accurately shou dao mian. Dip it into the gravy and its delicious- the gravy was very umami and powerful, salty even, but packed with a huge punch. The seafood umami flavors really shown through - pretty robust I have to add.

The tamago was nothing much to shout about but at least it was not hard boiled.

And the good thing is when youve finished your dipping, and return your bowl to the stall, and they will add some daishi stock to mix with the gravy - now it's drinkable as soup. Try it! It is one bowl of tasty soup especially sweet and fragrant, with the daishi stock and all.

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