Sunday, October 30, 2011

Wimbly Lu

A new cafe has opened up, fellas! Recently there has been a slew of cafes opening up to feed the Singaporean insatiable love fr food and wimbly Wu is one of them. Located at Jalan riang which is a neighborhood called braddell heights which is the terraced houses near Sommerville road and woleski road, this is a small little cafe specializing in chocolates and cakes .

The place is really cosy almost like a living room. It has a very homely feel about the place which I guess is what you want from a good cafe. Having heard so many good things about the waffles, well, you just had to order the waffles! It took a while to arrive, but o my, was it good! Very light with just the right doughy taste, if you know what I mean - in fact it was extremely light but still crisp as well, reminding me alot of the old A&W Waffles. (9/10)

The other really yummy thing we had was a Cheesecake with raspberry compote. absolutely divine. the cheesecake was not too dense but not too light as well with just enough cheesiness and the raspberry compote had much of the natural flavour of raspberries and it wasn't too sweet. excellent. (8.5/10)

Lao San kway chap

Ieatishootipost recently voted this the best kway chap in Singapore and as a kway chap lover I absolutely had to go down to see what the fuss was all about. Located in a kopitiam in toa payoh, there was no long queue, nothing. You'd be hard pressed to believe that this shop is a legend. But it is.

We wasted no time in ordering and in a jiffy the food came. My word it was pretty amazing. The kway had perfect texture and the soup was so flavorful, and pang, enhanced by the shallot oil and fried shallots. The braising sauce was a perfectly balanced mix with hints of cloves star anise and very good soy sauce: each morsel ie intestines etc was infused with the braising sauce which brought a slightly spicy hint that came from the star anise into every bite tender as well.

Absolutely excellent (9/10)

Thursday, October 6, 2011

Lukes oyster bar

Read about lukes oyster bar from some of these new Singapore websites that pop up all over the place , and after tennis today I decided to drive down to check it out . Off gemmill lane stood lukes the oyster bar, with a very elegant and posh white marble decor which was, I'm told, reminiscent of the big apple. A big American was shucking them oysters whilst chatting with a couple of other American customers at the bar, and, after having purveyed the wonderful decor and ambience, I plonked myself at the bar, and ordered their promotion, half a dozen oysters with beer, either Stella or hoegarden.

The American couple sitting beside me at the bar were really friendly and before long we were making small talk about their travels where they wre gg next etc. Turns out that they went to Phuket bkk phi phi and bali - for surfing. How nice.

First up, the corn bread arrived. Sweet and almost cake-like.

The oysters came afterwards, six juicy bivalves in the half shell with some lemon and shallot vinegar. Started squeezing lemon on one, and tried it- tried it, very good, slightly mineralish, and with a clean finish with a bit of sweetness. Being just about medium sized also helped I guess. The second to sixth one, I decided, needed no lemon as the lemon was threatening to oversour the taste of the oysters, and this time it was even better. Clean with some minerality is how I would describe it. Paired quite well with the Stella they were offering as part of the promotion . (8.5/10)

I asked the owner later and he said that the oysters were from new england- ah can't wait to try oysters from other places then!

Not being contented with eating just oysters I ordered the clam chowder since well you know it's nice to have something soupy and hot to warm up the foodieinme. And so the Boston clam chowder arrived, served in a glass jar. And boy it was really good. Extremely
Buttery, with fresh clams, potatoes, which contributed to the flavorful and savory taste in each mouthful. Lots of butter definitely. And of course what's really important was the addition of freshly ground black pepper which made all the difference to cut through the richness - and it has to be freshly ground, mind, since the aroma is never there with non-freshly ground pepper. This Was an exquisite clam chowder (9/10)

Overall the food here is great but not cheap- a lobster roll would set you back 40 quid and a steak maybe 80 quid. However it's an excellent place if you decide to treat yourself every once in a while after a long days work.