Sunday, October 30, 2011

Wimbly Lu

A new cafe has opened up, fellas! Recently there has been a slew of cafes opening up to feed the Singaporean insatiable love fr food and wimbly Wu is one of them. Located at Jalan riang which is a neighborhood called braddell heights which is the terraced houses near Sommerville road and woleski road, this is a small little cafe specializing in chocolates and cakes .

The place is really cosy almost like a living room. It has a very homely feel about the place which I guess is what you want from a good cafe. Having heard so many good things about the waffles, well, you just had to order the waffles! It took a while to arrive, but o my, was it good! Very light with just the right doughy taste, if you know what I mean - in fact it was extremely light but still crisp as well, reminding me alot of the old A&W Waffles. (9/10)

The other really yummy thing we had was a Cheesecake with raspberry compote. absolutely divine. the cheesecake was not too dense but not too light as well with just enough cheesiness and the raspberry compote had much of the natural flavour of raspberries and it wasn't too sweet. excellent. (8.5/10)

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Anonymous said...

next time you're there call me! went down just before halloween... truffles were nice!