Monday, November 7, 2011

Drips bakery cafe

Heard so much about drips that I felt I just had to come here. I'm a sucker for cakes. So off I went before cell group to try some of these delicious tarts.

The ambience wasn't what I was expecting - it was bright and breezy with a lot of whites and modern furniture - I plopped down and ordered some of their tarts along with a coffee .

I had the brandied cherry tart and ther macadamia tart and both were not bad. The brandied cherry tart had a rather sour zing from the brandy and cherries though perhaps the alcoholic taste was a bit strong or else the brandy was of not so premium quality. Either way or was still decent with a flaky shortcrust base which went well with the cherries.

The other one was the macadamia nut tart and this wasnt bad - the nuts were quite delicious and contrasted in texture with the softer shortcrust base.

The coffee was roasted darker than the other places I've been to- you get little acidity and more of the roasty flavors though I felt that not much of the flavor showed through - it became rather dark and murky and a little too over roasted . Not so good IMHO but this could be due to the fact that the beans may not have been that fresh.

Cakes : 8/10
Coffee : 5/10

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