Thursday, November 17, 2011


Sarnies serves the most amazing coffee in singapore, no kidding. It's just good stuff. Owned by a brother and a sister who hail from Sydney, they serve consistently great coffee- I've been there quite a few times and all the time it's good. Their cappuccino (which is what I usually order - no I don't mean the ones with the huge amount of froth but a proper cappuccino) is always very nice - full of "coffee" flavour, if you know what I mean, properly dark, nutty, chocolatey, with a hint of acidity to bring out the flavour. As an espresso, which is the picture you see here, it is nice and bright, with good acidity and a very 'sweet' aftertaste that helps to clean everything up nicely. Excellent coffee, especially in Singapore (8.5/10). In fact, Sarnies, as the name suggests, is great for sandwiches. I have heard great things of the Roast Beef Sandwich and I have to try it soon - haven't had a chance to go there for lunch , yet. It's a pity the place closes at 3pm though -would be nice for dinner!

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