Tuesday, November 8, 2011

Toby's Estate

Ah I am reminded, going through my photos, that I have yet to blog about Toby's estate. Toby's estate was established by Toby smith some time ago in Sydney and has recently made its way here. Located In a sprawling shophouse cum warehouse along Robertson quay, the space shouts Australia. In fact the feel is very much like the auction rooms in north Melbourne; or a tinge of brother baba budan in Melbourne. High ceilings, lots of plants, and industrial walls with modern furniture though still wooden. Interesting.

The head barista is suhaimi who is one of the most well respected baristas in Singapore, formerly from cuppachoice: I've returned a few times already and they have been slowly tweaking their house blend called the rodyk blend- it moved from a very bright blend, to a three bean blend about two weeks ago that was pleasant but maybe lacking in body especially when paired with milk, to today's present four bean blend which was a bit bright at the start of last week but has now mellowed to create a nice base for espresso based drinks.

Toby's is one of my usual spots for a pre-work coffee, and so I've encountered a wide variety of shots and flavours in their coffee ever since they've opened. It can range from an espresso with grape-like acidity, to a toasty nutty shot, to a balanced cup, etc. A good go-to place for coffee, they are usually very consistent in their shots so you can be assured of a good cup everytime you go. I really like the Rodyk blend, one of the best blends in Singapore.

Their breakfast is quite brilliant as well - the full english breakfast consists of scrambled eggs, brioche, bacon, and mushrooms - pretty delicious, especially the brioche. have to go back soon, maybe sometime this week. or you can order just scrambled eggs with brioche which is a good option if you're not too hungry.

Toby's just has a great Australian vibe to it [of course, since it's Australian] - and it is a great place to chill. Too bad it opens only until 6pm though. Reminds me a lot of Auction Rooms in Melbourne, with high ceilings and alot of plants and an industrial vibe about it. Great atmosphere to sit down there and laze away a couple of hours.

Overall Rating: Coffee: 8.5/10
Breakfast food: 7.5/10

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