Monday, November 7, 2011

Yuan wei seafood restaurant

Been looking for this place that sells the giant garoupa and the different parts. The first time i couldn't find it bit after having seen a photo of the entrance I finally spotted it and so off we went.

Heard good things about the fried kway teow from ieat so had to order that - wasn't bad, good wok hei if the dish was a bit bland ie lacking in salt. Good smoky aroma though. 7/10

The beam curd with mushrooms were excellent - a very very good Shang tang being the key. This Shang tang was very fragrant savory and Unami. 8.5/10

Sadly the garoupa meat steamed with garlic was rather hard. Not tenderx I suspect it's because it's a big fish but so totally dashed our expectations. Oh well. 6/10

Maybe you guys cld tell me what to order next time?

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