Friday, December 30, 2011

Pizzeria Mozza

Finally managed to visit pizzeria Mozza which is reputedly the pizza restaurant to beat. We needed a quick bite before watching the awesome "wicked" (which I have had the pleasure of watching in my previous London visits - but well this is a food blog or else I could wax lyrical about the show huh ) - so w popped by the pizzeria. Thank god that notwithstanding the fact that the restaurant was packed, they still had one table that they could give us provided we evict by 730- alls good, since it meant that we could catch wicked in time.

First up was calamari which was expertly done - seared nicely on the outside to give it the charred flavor while remaining soft inside and paired with a zesty sauce. Yummeh! 8/10

The chicken wings were done competently as well - full of flavor and juice and with a spicy sauce to go alongside it. I enjoyed this too 7.5/10

The pizzas then arrived and my word were they good - possibly the best crust I have eaten so far as far as pizzerias in Singapore go - the crust was salty , chewy , crisp enough , and with the right texture and taste of dough that made each mouthful a delight. Paired with the toppings of Parma ham and rocket, the classic combination didn't fail and was given new life by the presence of the lovely crust. 8.5/10

The other pizza we had was the fennel sausage . This was full of spring onions ? the sausage had a Thai influence to
It which took a while to grow on me - 7.5/10- still prefer the prosciutto e Parma pizza heh

Overall pizzeria Mozza is a wonderful restaurant serving great pizzas and nice sides and won't burn a hole in your wallet thankfully. Highly
Recommended .

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