Wednesday, December 7, 2011

Sarnies (Revisted)

When one is working, one settles for cheap thrills, i.e. literally cheap treats throughout the day that can satisfy one's miserable working life routine and the humdrum of it all. Sarnies is one of these places for cheap treats that don't bust a whole in your wallet, but gives you wonderful happy-times.

I've blogged about the wonderful coffees Sarnies serves, but today I discovered something brilliant as well - lovely scrambled eggs. Their scrambled eggs are creamy, eggy, and just the way I like it, as compared to Toby's where it's a little tougher.

And their house blend of coffee was back, i.e. the costa rica - ethopian yirgacheffe blend. I had it as a cappuccino and it excelled again with just enough acidity to bring out the coffee flavours. Good stuff.

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