Thursday, December 22, 2011

Skyve Elementary Bistro and Bar

A friend of mine who works at Chope highly recommended this place, Skyve Elementary bistro and bar, so G and I made our way there today after work to check it out. Located in a school complex in Windsted Road, Skyve (for short) is one of those charming little places. The bar area is decadently plush, with sofas and dim lighting, while the bistro (i.e. dining area) is bright and cheery, which makes for good photographs, of course.

Skyve offers a breakfast menu, oysters, the usual appetizers and mains, and dessert. It boasts an extensive wine list but that time G wasn't planning on having wine - he was just in the mood for the creative. So he ordered a lemongrass drink - which was not bad, came with sugar cane which was unusual. The owner, Celene, came along, introduced herself, and recommended, for appetizers, the steak tartare. We were like, why not - so we agreed and ordered the same, and boy was it pretty amazing. Just simple, the minced beef was lightly charred on the outside, and the egg was prepared sous-vide (probably), and there were some garlic crackers and also wasabi mayonnaise which went very well with the beef. The whole combination worked brilliantly, the beef was flavourful and paired well with the wasabi mayonnaise. Good job. (8.5/10)

G had the pork belly sous vide, while I had the sous vide ocean trout. The pork belly was pretty amazing and one could tell that G was very happy with his meal, which was great. Tasty, with good crackling, and well seasoned, the pork belly I tried from him was up to the mark.

I had the sous vide ocean trout, which was great - the fish was perfectly cooked, slightly pinkish in the middle and still retaining its sweet delicate flavour, nice and red. Flaked so easily. Paired with a simple sauce of olive oil, this was another winner. What i liked about the food was its attention to detail, for e.g. the shitake mushrooms that accompanied the dish were very tasty and probably of very good quality. (8.5/10)

Excellent food in a wonderful setting. Highly recommended.

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