Sunday, January 15, 2012


Located just next to cmpb and the Dempsey brasserie is Pamplemousse, which is really well fitted- a thing of beauty. High ceilings , antique paintings , warm lights, and a touch of modern. The ambience alone was a 9/10. So how was the food ?

Pamplemousse offers set lunches and dinners and so we had to have one of those . I had a Salmon Confit with Pamplemousse - it came out looking a bit like the piece of raw salmon that my mother buys from the market. So so only - not much taste to the salmon, that was the problem, and I do like my food robust and tasty (who doesn't!). The little bits of pamplemousse on the side didn't help what was a lesson in mediocrity. (6/10)

Thankfully the main course went much better - a confit de canard , cooked quite expertly. Crispy skin, tasty meat, tender and not too dry on the inside. Maybe a bit too salty but was okay. (7.5/10)

Dessert was a forgettable creme brûlée . Passable but I've had much better (7:10)

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