Monday, February 13, 2012

Ryan Tan's signature drink and coffee

Recently having been crowned Singapore's barista champion for a second year in a row, Ryan was pulling the shots at papa palheta, so I dropped by to take a look.

Tried his signature drink which was awesomely good- first layer of crema with hints of strawberry - moving on to strawberry and hazelnuts from the espresso- almost like eating strawberries with cream. Nice!

The espresso made with a blend comprising aida battle's Kilimanjaro (which I bought the other time from square mile) and Bali kintamani. Lots of strawberry on the nose and palate mixed with vanilla and hazelnut.

The cappuccino made with duchys organic milk was a revelation - as the milk's not homogenized, it was soooo creamy that it threatened to overshadow the coffee. Not that I minded of course. Delicious. Should have asked for less milk though.

I ended off with a piccolo which was pretty good too

Coffee is always up to Ryan's high standards (8.5/10)

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