Sunday, March 4, 2012


A great brunch place that I'd highly recommend is Artichoke, located at Sculpture Square at Middle Road. Middle eastern cuisine at middle road, how apt. I've been here twice and all the food I've tried has been excellent.

G and I visited artichoke today. We had a haloumi with mushrooms which was delicious. Haloumi is a kind of cheese with a very high melting point meaning that it can withstand all sorts of cooking methods like frying and grilling which was what was done here. The haloumi was grilled which made it pretty delicious- it has a nutty goats milk flavour, and was creamy too, if a tad salty. It went very well with the organic mushrooms which were delicious, loads of cepes and other kinds.
(7.5/10 (minus one for the overly eager use of salt)).

I had the scrambled eggs with bacon chops which was delicious. The scrambled eggs were very creamy and soft the way I like it, if a tad oily. I'd imagine that there was loads of butter in it. The bacon chops were just delicious - it was marinated in coke and had a lovely caramelised flavour of cola. The sides of mushrooms were also pretty delectable of course. 8/10

I just didn't like the coffee - it was really a bad rendition of a cappuccino which was a pity for a place wanting to be a brunch place.

Mushrooms were lovely (and very fresh)
Overall Artichoke's a place that does great brunch - the ingredients are very fresh, of extremely high quality - and you get all these different foods that you don't normally get, such as Halloumi, Shashouka, etc. Very delicious - just needs to turn down the salt just a tad and it'll be brilliant. 

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