Tuesday, March 27, 2012

Keystone Restaurant, Restaurant Week

I have been hearing rave reviews about Keystone from fellow foodie P (who happens to be also a colleague) so when the restaurant week came around I believed I had to try this - just to see if it was any good. Went with my dining companion S, and we trudged down to Stanley Street to try out this new restaurant. The ambience was a definition of modern chic - loads of black, reds, and sleek. The decor definitely worked.

The lovely decor - modern chic

And the food? Well, suffice to say, I expected better. If this was really, as P said, the "most exciting restaurant in town now", sorry, I didn't get it. We started off with some charcoal buns - which were not bad. Sometimes, however, a simple crusty hot baguette would suffice. 

An amuse bouche came next and this was pretty good - there was foie gras with some burnt sugar ala creme brulee on the right of the picture, with some pineapple-inspired pastry on the left. Didn't care too much for the pineapple, but the foie gras creme brulee thing was quite delicious - sweet and bursting in your mouth with fat (if only you'd know what a heart attack that is). 

Ordered a scallop carpaccio which was rather tasty. It was soooo light and the little yuzu things did some good, and there were little jelly-like balls that added sweetness. However, it was pretty underwhelming - expected much better. Seriously! (6.5/10)

I tried S's "veloute" which was quite lovely and the thing I enjoyed the most - very delicious. Rich and buttery, with potato-like croutons inside. Just so rich and satisfying as it slides down my throat. (8/10). Forgot to upload the photo though.

 The beef wasn't bad - quite tasty, and it went very well with the granola (pictured to the right of the photo). The meat was quite flavourful if a bit salty, but unfortunately too cold when it was served (presumably because one has to rest the meat). Not too much flavour - perhaps it was the cold I was suffering that day). Still - hmm. not very creative for a top restaurant. (7/10)

Dessert was a valrhona something - I thought it was only so-so. Sigh. Not much flavour of chocolate, although the banana in the middle was quite good. (7/10)

On hindsight, maybe it was a bad idea to go for restaurant week, since the prices on the ala carte menu was far higher and you'd definitely have to compromise on quality. Still, I expected better. 

Rarrrh. Never mind. 

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