Friday, March 9, 2012

Kingyo @ Marina Square

Kingyo was recommended to me by a colleague / mentor / friend of mine, P, who said this place was extremely good value for money and good food to boot. He told me to simply ring the place and mention his name and they'd be able to do some good omakase sets for S$50 a head. Sounded great, isn't it? Why not! Hence, me and G trotted down yesterday night to try some Japanese. Healthy living, y' know, for once - I just ate at my usual staple, Chikuwa Tei, just on Monday night, but Kingyo was just as good (especially for the cooked items). Actually, you can't compare, because I hardly ever eat cooked items at Chikuwa (since their raw fish is just soooo good). Never mind, back to the point of Kingyo....

Pidan Tofu 
First up was a lovely pidan tofu - this is an extremely simple dish but oh so effective, with the savouriness and umami flavours of the pidan (century egg) combining well with the mild flavours of the tofu, with some ebiko for added crunch. Simple but it works. (8/10). Just wanted to have more of that! 
Sashimi Platter 
Next up was the sashimi. Here they were pretty generous as well, considering it was part of an omakase. Here, as you can see from the photos, we were given 2 slices each of tuna, salmon and swordfish, and one hamachi (yellowtail), thickly sliced. Delicious, especially the hamachi which was very delicate in flavour. The swordfish however was not as juicy as Chikuwa's (7.5/10 overall).

A close-up view of the sashimi platter 

Bamboo Clams with Dressing 

Bamboo clams were next - these were done up with Japanese mayonnaise and mentaiko (was it?) which went very well especially with a dash of lemon juice. Excellent dish - the clams were sweet and succulent and the tartness of the dressing really livened the entire dish. (8.5/10)

Next up, we had some stewed pork belly, which was just delicious. Juicy, succulent, stewed pork belly in a sauce of mirin, brown sugar, soy? - somewhat like "tau yew bak" but with a Japanese twist, as well as being a little sweeter than that Chinese dish. I enjoyed this quite a bit. (8.5/10)

Next up was some deep-fried tofu, in broth - just so good, especially where the crispy bits of the tofu meet the delectable, umami broth. (8/10)

We even had sushi afterwards - four pieces: (a type of fish I couldn't quite identify), swordfish, mackerel and aburi salmon. The aburi salmon was just delicious - love anything aburi. (7.5/10)

The miso soup was excellent - it came with a piece of salmon which added a different savoury dimension to the usual miso soup. G liked it alot. (8/10)

Ambience was nothing to shout about but hey at these prices I'm not complaining!

Kingyo Japanese Cuisine
Marina Square #02-03
Excellent Japanese food at unbeatable value.

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hey the chef left chikuwa tei months back in fact end Feb 2012. follow him on fb at​exec.chef.peter on his upcoming restaurant~ pls help spread the words around! cheers~