Sunday, March 25, 2012

Ng Ah Sio Eating House

This bak kut teh is the place that turned down Donald tsang long ago , which created an uproar in the local papers - wow how DARE this eatery turn down the most powerful man of Hong Kong? But well, I sympathise with them - if you have no food you have no food, would it be better if he ate there and the food was all lousy since they weren't even open to begin with? Didn't think so.

Anyway now Ng Ah Sio's open all the way till at night, and I've checked it out 3 times already [yes this is the third time]. So what's the verdict?

I must always order the small intestines, or 'fen chang', because it's just so delicious. It really reminds me of my grandmother's cooking. Soft, luscious, delicious, and with the lovely innards flavour, and with a flavourful, robust, soy-sauce gravy that really hits home as comfort food. I used to love eating fen chang when I was staying with my grandmother's back then when i was a kid, maybe until the age of 12. And this one really has that flavour. Lovely. (8.5/10)

I really enjoyed the stewed vegetables as well - not too overcooked till it breaks down, but with a nice softness in the texture whilst still keeping its shape. Stewed till soft. (8/10)

The bak kut teh was quite delicious - spare ribs [as seen in the picture], with a rather robust-tasting broth. This one was less pepperish than Founder's, and less garlicky than Ya Hua - it has the pepperishness of the former and the garlic flavours of the latter. The meat fell off the bone easily and was tender enough - whilst the soup was pretty tasty. Not bad. (8/10). 

Coming up - a trio of restaurant week offerings! 

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