Wednesday, March 28, 2012

Skyve Revisited: Restaurant Week & Ala Carte

I wrote previously about Skyve Elementary Bistro and Bar before (sometime last year) as one of my favourite places to have a meal, and thus I had to visit the same for Restaurant Week. This was a lovely setting - school like, "canteen style", as Skyve is a pun on "Skiving work", etc. As you can see from this not-so-good photo, the ambience is pretty nice. 

We were served with some onion loaves, which were piping hot and oh-so-delicious. Good way to start the meal. 

Soon, our first dish came, and this was just oh-so-delicious - poached eggs, done sous-vide style, with truffle oil (loads of it), mushrooms, and some vegetables to balance out. Not to mention a crispy crouton-like thing which balanced away the richness of the egg. The egg burst away into a medley of richness and gooeiness well perfumed by truffle oil and the mushrooms for the earthly aroma. Everyone loved it. (8.5/10)

I had the Barramundi which was pan-seared with herbs (or was it oven-baked)? Either way this was delicious, with the fish deliciously flavoured with the herbs and cooked in herbs and having a nice flaky soft texture. (8/10). 

We were also allowed to add one more main for an additional $16, so why not! I thus tried the other main course, the Beef, as well. This was robust if a bit overcooked [the doneness wasn't quite done to my expectations). (7.5/10)

Dessert was a simple concoction of cake. No worries - the other 2 courses were brilliant already. 

The next time I came here (Sunday night) was for my brother's birthday. This time, it was ala-carte because the Restaurant Week menu was already full. So here's what we ordered....

steak tartare
Always love a good Steak Tartare, and this was really tasty and flavourful. The beef was just seared on the outside while retaining its 'rareness' inside - and with some herbs and spring onions, had enough crunch and flavour and texture to keep everything harmonious. Quite delicious. (8/10)

The first time I came here long time ago, the Confit de Canard (Duck Confit) was sold out, so this time I had to try it. It was pretty good - the skin was extremely crisp, probably the crispiest of all the places that I've tried Duck Confit. It was just so crackling and crisp and there was just so much of it - really delicious, albeit heart-attack-inducing. The meat wasn't that impressive however - it was definitely tender, but I believe it could have more 'duck' flavour. Still, a very very credible effort, albeit that the meat was just a bit too salty .(8/10)

I really love Skyve's logo, as can be seen from this photo on the left.

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