Tuesday, April 24, 2012

Restaurant Ember

Went to Ember with the ever-beautiful and lovely S, and it turned out to be one of the best dinners I have had in my life, and for as long as I can remember. Not just the food (which was great), but the company was awesome as well. This is a food blog however so let's talk about the food.

Many people have raved about Ember since it's been open (and practically everyone boasts about its set lunches) and so I booked the restaurant for Friday night. The service was pleasant and effusive and I could make a few jokes without causing them to give me that "what are you doing" stare, which was a welcome change. We started off with an onion loaf shared between the two of us, pretty good. 

Next up, I had one of the signature dishes of Ember that blew me away - the pan fried foie gras with 1-hour poached egg, truffle oil, and morel mushrooms. This was seriously an explosion of sublime flavours, simply an awesome dish - rich, a heady mix of intense flavours that just go so well together. It comes with a parma-ham crisp that you are supposed to crack and mix with your poached egg - so as you do that, you eat the poached egg with the foie gras and the mushrooms. Yummy. I can still "taste" the poached egg and the foie gras as I write about it now, that's how good it was. (9.5/10)

S's dish was a crabcake - this was pretty good as well but nothing to hold a candle to the power of the foie gras. This wasn't bad - nice - with a bit of cumin. Pretty indian-tasting. (7/10)

S had the beef tenderloin which was done very well, I must say - it was cooked medium rare perfectly through, and very evenly done. Served with some sweet potato crisps and potatoes, it was a good competent showing. (7.5/10)

Next came the other piece de resistance of Ember, the pan-fried Chilean seabass with bacon and mushroom ragout and yuzu truffle sauce. Another dish that is soo delicious, the seabass was cooked expertly till it flaked perfectly as a whole large 'slice', and it came with a delicious yuzu truffle sauce that combined brilliantly with the fish. So delicious and tasty. What was nice was also the bacon and mushroom ragout. (9/10).

For dessert, S had the chocolate fondant - and this was very good as well, using very high quality chocolate. I had the apple tarte tartin, which was rather nice although the skin was a bit hard to flake. I expected better though! (7/10)

Overall, Restaurant Ember is a lovely restaurant that has been around for a very long time and boasts excellent cooking, a lovely ambience, professional service and several signature dishes that just make you go wow this is amazing. Just the sort of restaurant for any special occasion. 

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