Tuesday, April 17, 2012

Tonkotsu King by Keisuke @ Orchid Hotel

Food lovers in Singapore will know that this place has hands down the best ramen in Singapore - and I'm not kidding when I'd readily give it such an accolade. It is everything a good ramen should be -- good springy noodles including the ability to customise the 'hardness'/doneness of the noodles, rich creamy thick robust soup which comes in 3 different forms, either the normal tonkotsu, with black garlic oil (super yummy) or with red oil. The eggs are done perfectly as well - creamy on the inside, with an intense egg flavour. The pork is alright as well (would be nice to put in some of Santouka's pork cheeks). But overall this is the best ramen in Singapore. Excellent! Only grouse is that the seating area is very limited hence there's always a long queue to eat this during lunch hours.
Exceptional: (9/10)
Tonkotsu King 
Orchid Hotel

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