Friday, May 11, 2012

Club Street Social @ Gemmill Lane

Dinner was at one of the newest, hippest outlets to be seen in or around town, namely, Club Street Social, along Gemmill Lane. We had just finished oysters happy hour at Luke's oyster Bar and Chop house just across the street but the prices at Luke's were rather steep to continue the dinner, so we trooped over to Club Street Social instead.  The place was packed with mainly expats and we felt quite out of place but since expats are cool and everyone's cool and we're cool we decided to CHILL and GRAB A TABLE, which we did. I have posted photos of the layout and the decor which was really nicely done.

We had a crostini of duck rillette, green apple and fig compote, which was just amazing. The duck rillette went perfectly well with the green apple as the latter just paired beautifully with the rilette by giving it a nice 'crunch'; a real contrast in textures. The duck rillette had loads of flavour as well, being nicely robust and gamey without being too overwhelming. Outstanding dish. (8.5/10)

The star of the night, however, was undoubtedly the Lobster Panini, which came with Pan-Seared Lobster, Avocado, and Yuzu Mayo. It was just outstanding, mind-blowingly delicious. The lobster was first pan-seared with butter which really brought out the smoky flavours of the lobster, similar to what you'd get when you eat grilled lobster with mentaiko roe (?) - which paired beautifully with the yuzu mayo with just a subtle hint of yuzu, and the avocado which gave it a real creamy mouth feel. The combination was just delicious and the chunks of lobster in my mouth were just amazing - the natural taste of lobster being brought out by the pan-searing. I had the thought of ordering another [we shared this], but in the end decided to exercise some self-control. This was just a sublime dish (9/10).

I had a cocktail #7, which came with bacon, cognac, date, and walnut. It wasn't bad, pretty tangy, and with the smokiness of the bacon; almost like whiskey albeit made with cognac. Not bad.

Overall I'd say Club Street Social's a great place to have a really chill evening with drinks and the works, and of course the lovely sandwiches prepared with top notch ingredients and lots of love. Highly recommended. 

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Anonymous said...

my country is going to the dogs.. expats are real cool. work in a restaurant here and see how cool they are