Sunday, July 29, 2012

Fukuichi @ 111 Somerset

K and J were back in town and we were trying to figure out what to have for dinner, and so K suggested Japanese food. I remembered my friend D telling me that Fukuichi has great Japanese food, so I suggested that we come here for our dinner. So off we came.

Located on the 2nd floor of Triple One Somerset i.e. the old Singapore Power building now refurbished into a swanky mini-mall, Fukuichi is apparently owned by CCF which is a leading cold room cum fishery which specialises in storing frozen fish. We expected great things from the sashimi, being, well, owned by a frozen fish expert. J and I ordered the chirashi zushi, while K ordered the Bento (which had slices of sashimi in it as well).

The famous dish here at Fukuichi was the Century Egg with Crab Tofu, and so we ordered a helping of that to share, as well.

After a while, our chirashi zushi arrived, and we tucked in, ravenous. The fish itself was really really fresh - the swordfish had plenty of fish oils, even the tuna was quite delicious and firm, not insipid or mushy; the salmon was a delight to eat being extremely tasty; the tamago was well done, and so was the amaebi - very sweet. The rice was also well-seasoned in the requisite vinegar. However, if I had one grouse, it was that it was extremely expensive and not value-for-money, I mean, we paid $32 for the chirashi but we got ONE piece of each fish. I mean, I'm not asking for chikuwa tei's generosity, but surely, couldn't we have had 2 of each variety of fish? I felt like going over ala Oliver Twist to ask them if I could have some more. Bah! 

Quality: 8.5/10; Value: 5/10 = Average: 7.25/10

Next up was the famous century egg with crab tofu, which was quite delicious: the century egg was nice and overpowering which suits me perfectly since I'm a big fan of century egg. (8/10)

We also ordered some beef in goose liver sauce to share - this was a welcome burst of flavours in the mouth - goose liver sauce was full of umami which went well with the charred flavours of the beef. Calorie-laden, but so good. (8.5/10)

Fukuichi's a good mid-tier Japanese restaurant, but at this price point I guess I could eat far better at places like Teppei Japanese Restaurant. Ha! 

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