Sunday, July 8, 2012

Henry Congressional

I haven't been updating this blog - poor blog - so let me let you in on a little secret, Henry Congressional. This is a little cafe located at Henry Park Apartments which is actually already en-bloced, which means this place is, really, just temporary. It will be gone by February 2012. But hey it is such a nice place to go to, that I hope they find some new place to relocate after February 2012. 

Henry Congressional focuses on coffee, tea, and craft beers. With some food, of course, to munch it all down. The coffee is from Smitten Coffee aka Darren & Hongyuan, who are also partners here at Henry Congressional. The craft beers are sourced by Mr Goh, who doubles up as chef, and you get really interesting beers that you can't find elsewhere such as Hair of the Dog which is a Portland craft brewery. They even have some Westvleteren from Mr Goh's travels to Belgium last year, but of course those are not for sale.

Moving on, Mr Goh is a really good baker as well. Every little morsel I've tried from him has really lived up or even surpassed my expectations. The pandan chiffon cake was exquisite: use of fresh pandan leaves and pandan juice meant that the cake had a very natural pandan fragrance, and it was very fluffy as well. Excellent and one of the best I've eaten in Singapore (8.5/10).

I don't really need to blog about the coffee because it's the same standard that you'll expect from Smitten - quality coffees, usually on the bright side, fruity. Their thumper is redolent of strawberries (this version, at least).

Moving on to the beers, I was really quite thrilled with Hair of the Dog's Adam, which is an "old ale". Whatever that means I don't know, all I know is that Adam is a great beer to savour, with notes of toffee, warm caramel, a bit of coffee, dark sweet notes, etc. It goes down well and before you know it, it's gone. It's a little pricey but hey you can't get this anywhere. (8.5/10).

I had the Chicken with Watercress sandwich this morning before church and it really did me alot of good. Extremely delicious, rosemary roasted chicken with raw watercress which, once toasted with the panini, absorbed some of the flavours of the chicken whilst giving the chicken the slight bitterness to cut through the richness. As another food blogger noted, it's quite a genius combination. (8/10)

I found that the Tomato and Mozzerella sandwich I had the other day shaded even the chicken and watercress, as the former was just wholesome goodness personified: fresh mozerella, tomatoes, and nice garlic. (8.5/10). No photo, unfortunately.

The setup is really quite minimalist which is understandable considering that they would be moving by February 2012. But it's nice and chill and very homely - the people are really nice. So just come in and enjoy the homely vibes and have some good food, beer, coffee, tea, while you're at it! 


Alexis Cheong said...

you do mean february 2013 right?

ice said...

hey yo, what happened to your post on Liberty Coffee's gula melaka pandan cake? The one I commented on.

ceadsearc said...

@Alexis: oh yeah that's right

@ice: it's gone? oh no. crap let me go revive it.