Tuesday, August 21, 2012

Hua Kee @ Pasir Panjang Food Centre

 It was a public holiday, and we forgot to book any restaurant, so the parents brought us to their perennial favourite, Pasir Panjang Food Centre. A quick google of what's good to eat here brought me to Hua Kee Seafood, a stall with bright neon lights at one corner of the food centre. My parents were left to their own devices in ordering the food whilst the children (i.e. my siblings and I) sat down waiting patiently. And patient we had to be, because the food took ages to come - granted, it was a crowded Monday evening (public holiday), but then this was like nearly 40 minutes. 

The gong-gong soon arrived, and we attacked these mollusks with gusto - and it tasted very good, very fresh compared to other gong-gong places, and in fact it was the first time I actually tasted some flavour in the shellfish. Most of the time, gong-gongs seem to me to be tasteless, but this one had a rather interesting flavour to it, and it didn't even need all that chilli which accompanied it - in fact it tasted better on its own so you could taste the natural juices. The fact that it remained hot was a plus. (8/10)
I really liked the la-la (clams), as the clams were cooked perfectly (again, the clams were extremely fresh and had a good 'sea' flavour) and furthermore, the sauce was absolutely delicious. The sauce, a mixture of (as I can tell) chilli, garlic, taucheo (fermented bean), and the lovely clam juices, was just sooo delicious and perfect slathered on rice. It was a joy just to drink it, like a soup. Yummy. (8.5/10)

The black pepper crayfish was good as well, in fact, very good - the crayfish needless to say was very fresh, and was cooked perfectly. The black pepper sauce that went on it was robust enough but not overpoweringly so, and was nicely savoury. Well done. (7.5/10)
We had the sambal kangkong as well, which was also done very competently. (7.5/10)
The Sambal Stingray was also pretty nice - a good savoury kick in the sambal, and tender flesh. But perhaps a little overshadowed by the other good dishes described above. (7/10)

The one dish I didn't really quite like was the baby squid which was done well, it was just that it was rather sweet and I guess, compared to "Real seafood", it could hardly hold a candle.

Really delicious seafood, and I'd definitely come back - maybe at an off-peak hour so i don't have to queue so much. 

Tuesday, August 14, 2012

Menya Musashi

One of the eateries which has been most highly awaited is the opening of Menya Musashi, which is a famous ramen chain in Japan. I have heard about the long queues which accompany each lunchtime hour but fortunately when I arrived at 12.45pm today, there were only about 8 others in the queue ahead of me, and my lunchtime partner hadn't even arrived. The queue moved relatively quickly and very soon I was seated ready to tuck in into my ramen. 
They have basically 3 types of ramen stock, with 2 types of meat, which makes for a total of 6 permutations. There is the White stock broth, the Red stock broth and the Black stock broth, quite similar to Tonkotsu King in that sense. I have heard that the White stock is/was the best, so I ordered that for both myself and my dining companion. For the meat, you can either choose char-siew (the normal one), or the belly pork. So I ordered one each. The food soon arrived, much faster than I had envisaged actually. The noodles were really interesting, in a bit of a Bario-Tetsu style, i.e. being a bit fatter, a bit more udon-like, so to speak. The soup was amazing - very smoky flavour, rich and robust (yes I love to use that word), with alot of pork flavour which was very intense and delicious, and with alot of umami . Just delicious. 
The meat was good as well - the char siew was well marinated and so was the belly pork. The only disappointing thing was the egg - it wasn't as good as Tonkotsu King's.

Ultimately this was a delicious bowl of ramen that probably matches up to Tonkotsu King as one of the best two ramens in Singapore (so far). (8.75/10)

The gyoza wasn't too bad as well - quite flavourful. 

Monday, August 13, 2012

Two Blur Guys, Orchid Hotel

Orchid Hotel is fast becoming my go-to spot for delicious food, and what's even better is that it's so near my workplace in Tanjong Pagar. This time we were at Two Blur Guys which is located at Orchid Hotel, for dinner. There's not much seating, frankly, just a couple of tables here and there, and the kitchen's in the open which means that you might risk smelling like beef. I ordered the Prime Beef Burger with Gruyere Cheese and Truffle Mayo, and boy it was great. The beef was delicious and had enough rough texture about it (probably hand-chopped, not too fine), and it went perfectly well with the Gruyere Cheese and the truffle mayo which brought it to a new dimension. Absolutely scrumptious burger - so good that, guess what, I ordered a second one. Of exactly the same thing. Just a great hearty, scrumptious burger with a combination of cheese + beef that really works. Highly recommended. (8.5/10)

Rinse it down with their Orval Beer - dry and fruity.

Monday, August 6, 2012

Le Bistrot Du Sommelier

I have always wanted to try Le Bistrot Du Sommelier for the longest time, but when you go on a popular day, you'd always need to book, and for the life of me I have never had the foresight to book early, so always when I want to go to Le Bistrot Du Sommelier on a Friday night, it would usually be full. But being a Monday night, I decided to go, and thank goodness there was still space. So me and JC went down to the restaurant to check it out.

And boy it was a nice restaurant. The decor was very rustic, with lots of photos of wine regions plastered all over the walls (in line with the "Sommelier" theme), and with a lovely wine-studded chandelier, made completely of wine glasses (and the bulb of course), and shades of marble on the walls - which made for a lovely ambience. There were alot of tables next to each other, which created a bustling, hearty atmosphere. 

I started off with some bottled sparkling water (see my latest post on sparkling water), and this time it was a different water - Chateldon, which I've personally never tried before. It was nice - clean tasting, slight minerals. (And, as you see on the left, a very nice packaging)
I was a fan of Chef Patrick's onglet beef with shallot and garlic confit ever since his time at Au Petit Salut, and so, having not yet been to his new restaurant, I had to try his onglet beef, and so I ordered it medium rare. It was quite lovely - rich flavourful beef with a very tasty and aromatic confit, which made liberal use of fresh thyme (I think it was thyme), whole cloves of garlic which went well, and of course, the shallots. It went very well with the beef - in fact I liked this dish so much at Au Petit Salut that I tried cooking it myself (with varying degrees of success), but here is still the original, and it was good. (8/10)

What was really good was the profiteroles - I was actually very impressed, especially with the choux pastry. This choux pastry was very light and fluffy, and it had the right taste - slight hint of almonds, butter, and being sweet enough. Vanilla bean ice cream wasn't bad and went well with the chocolate sauce which was definitely not just Hershey's Chocolate Sauce but their own special mix. Was a little too sweet but that didn't spoil anything. (8.5/10)

The service was excellent and in the end I had a nice chat with one of the sommeliers about wine regions as I told him that I had visited Burgundy in 2010 and he said he was going there this December to visit the vineyards, and we talked for a while about the various wine regions, my wine dinners, Cote Du Rhone, Burgundy v Bordeaux, etc etc etc. Lovely service - the sommelier's name's Marco.

I will be back, Le Bistrot Du Sommelier, this time to try their other offerings which are more unusual and will allow me to gauge how good Chef Patrick's cooking can be.

Tao Xiang Kitchen

Tao Xiang Kitchen is a little non-descript Hong Kong style stall located in a coffee shop at Sixth Avenue and which was emphatically reviewed by ieatishootipost some time back. I have always eaten at this place since it was near my old school and when my friends ate Aston's which is just opposite, if I craved local food then I would eat the roasted meats here. 

I was originally intending to eat the Mee Pok at the coffee shop nearby, but that place was closed, so I went to Tao Xiang Kitchen instead. No regrets - I ordered the Roasted Duck Noodles with Shrimp Dumpling Soup, which satisfied me immensely. 

The Roasted Duck Noodles (as can be seen from the not-so-nice photo) was delicious - springy noodles, with the duck having enough marinade to make it tasty enough albeit a bit salty. The skin wasn't too crisp however, probably since it was already the end of the day. (7.25/10)
The Shrimp Dumplings were awesome though - very good stuff, with some ingredients that one doesn't commonly find in Shrimp Dumplings, namely some white fungus which gave it some additional crunch. Good stuff (8/10)

Good place to eat if you're in the west or around the area. 

Wednesday, August 1, 2012

Malaysian Food Street, Resorts World Singapore

The family decided, for the usual Sunday eat-out, to go to Resorts World Singapore to eat the food at Malaysian Food Street. Believe it or not this was the 1st time I actually visited RWS. Malaysian Food Street is designed to replicate an actual Malaysian hawker street, albeit in air-conditioned comfort. It was pretty crowded on a Sunday night, I'd have to say, but soon we found tables and ordered our food.

Being the typical food-bloggish type, I went online to research on the various stalls, and since thefoodieinme only has space for one main, it would have to be something rather good. I heard that Penang Ah Mei Hokkien Prawn Mee was really good, and so I settled for that. As you can see in the photos - it really looks like a hawker street!
And the verdict? Very good - very rich, "gao" (rich) soup, full of prawn flavour, and very robust. Added a bit of sambal for the additional kick, but it wasn't strictly necessary since the soup already had alot of chilli oils in it. The prawns, being crystal prawns, were probably not authentic but who cares. The noodles and bee hoon soaked in the soup broth very well, and the pork ribs were tender. Overall, pretty excellent, one of the best bowls you can get in Singapore. (8.5/10)