Tuesday, August 21, 2012

Hua Kee @ Pasir Panjang Food Centre

 It was a public holiday, and we forgot to book any restaurant, so the parents brought us to their perennial favourite, Pasir Panjang Food Centre. A quick google of what's good to eat here brought me to Hua Kee Seafood, a stall with bright neon lights at one corner of the food centre. My parents were left to their own devices in ordering the food whilst the children (i.e. my siblings and I) sat down waiting patiently. And patient we had to be, because the food took ages to come - granted, it was a crowded Monday evening (public holiday), but then this was like nearly 40 minutes. 

The gong-gong soon arrived, and we attacked these mollusks with gusto - and it tasted very good, very fresh compared to other gong-gong places, and in fact it was the first time I actually tasted some flavour in the shellfish. Most of the time, gong-gongs seem to me to be tasteless, but this one had a rather interesting flavour to it, and it didn't even need all that chilli which accompanied it - in fact it tasted better on its own so you could taste the natural juices. The fact that it remained hot was a plus. (8/10)
I really liked the la-la (clams), as the clams were cooked perfectly (again, the clams were extremely fresh and had a good 'sea' flavour) and furthermore, the sauce was absolutely delicious. The sauce, a mixture of (as I can tell) chilli, garlic, taucheo (fermented bean), and the lovely clam juices, was just sooo delicious and perfect slathered on rice. It was a joy just to drink it, like a soup. Yummy. (8.5/10)

The black pepper crayfish was good as well, in fact, very good - the crayfish needless to say was very fresh, and was cooked perfectly. The black pepper sauce that went on it was robust enough but not overpoweringly so, and was nicely savoury. Well done. (7.5/10)
We had the sambal kangkong as well, which was also done very competently. (7.5/10)
The Sambal Stingray was also pretty nice - a good savoury kick in the sambal, and tender flesh. But perhaps a little overshadowed by the other good dishes described above. (7/10)

The one dish I didn't really quite like was the baby squid which was done well, it was just that it was rather sweet and I guess, compared to "Real seafood", it could hardly hold a candle.

Really delicious seafood, and I'd definitely come back - maybe at an off-peak hour so i don't have to queue so much. 

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