Wednesday, August 1, 2012

Malaysian Food Street, Resorts World Singapore

The family decided, for the usual Sunday eat-out, to go to Resorts World Singapore to eat the food at Malaysian Food Street. Believe it or not this was the 1st time I actually visited RWS. Malaysian Food Street is designed to replicate an actual Malaysian hawker street, albeit in air-conditioned comfort. It was pretty crowded on a Sunday night, I'd have to say, but soon we found tables and ordered our food.

Being the typical food-bloggish type, I went online to research on the various stalls, and since thefoodieinme only has space for one main, it would have to be something rather good. I heard that Penang Ah Mei Hokkien Prawn Mee was really good, and so I settled for that. As you can see in the photos - it really looks like a hawker street!
And the verdict? Very good - very rich, "gao" (rich) soup, full of prawn flavour, and very robust. Added a bit of sambal for the additional kick, but it wasn't strictly necessary since the soup already had alot of chilli oils in it. The prawns, being crystal prawns, were probably not authentic but who cares. The noodles and bee hoon soaked in the soup broth very well, and the pork ribs were tender. Overall, pretty excellent, one of the best bowls you can get in Singapore. (8.5/10)

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