Tuesday, August 14, 2012

Menya Musashi

One of the eateries which has been most highly awaited is the opening of Menya Musashi, which is a famous ramen chain in Japan. I have heard about the long queues which accompany each lunchtime hour but fortunately when I arrived at 12.45pm today, there were only about 8 others in the queue ahead of me, and my lunchtime partner hadn't even arrived. The queue moved relatively quickly and very soon I was seated ready to tuck in into my ramen. 
They have basically 3 types of ramen stock, with 2 types of meat, which makes for a total of 6 permutations. There is the White stock broth, the Red stock broth and the Black stock broth, quite similar to Tonkotsu King in that sense. I have heard that the White stock is/was the best, so I ordered that for both myself and my dining companion. For the meat, you can either choose char-siew (the normal one), or the belly pork. So I ordered one each. The food soon arrived, much faster than I had envisaged actually. The noodles were really interesting, in a bit of a Bario-Tetsu style, i.e. being a bit fatter, a bit more udon-like, so to speak. The soup was amazing - very smoky flavour, rich and robust (yes I love to use that word), with alot of pork flavour which was very intense and delicious, and with alot of umami . Just delicious. 
The meat was good as well - the char siew was well marinated and so was the belly pork. The only disappointing thing was the egg - it wasn't as good as Tonkotsu King's.

Ultimately this was a delicious bowl of ramen that probably matches up to Tonkotsu King as one of the best two ramens in Singapore (so far). (8.75/10)

The gyoza wasn't too bad as well - quite flavourful. 

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Jerry said...

Words other than "robust" which you use on a regular basis, and which are found in this post - "rich", "umami", "flavourful"