Monday, September 10, 2012

Omakase @ Teppei Japanese Restaurant

For the regular readers of the blog, you'd know that Teppei is one of my favourite restaurants and one where I am a regular at. I know everyone, have eaten there countless times, many times alone as I stumble home from gym sessions nearby - and sometimes with the colleagues to eat their tempura set lunches. But till today, I have never tried their Omakase - and I have heard many good things about their Omakase - so I went with N today to try it.

First up, we were given a salad, with bamboo shoots, which was rather like the regular bamboo shoots we get every lunch as a side dish.

Next up was some edamame, this time cooked with some sea salt. Made alot of difference!

i'm not going to rate these two dishes since I guess they are more "amuse bouche" rather than anything substantial.

First up, we had some crab, which was sliced and marinated - quite nice, a very delicate flavour. (7.5/10)

This was followed by a tofu in stock, which was comforting to say the least - a tinge of wasabi brought it over the edge. (7/10)

Sashimi was next, with each piece of fish extremely fresh. The salmon was delicious as usual, the tuna alright; there was tai as well. Special mention goes out to the salmon belly - always delicious - the scallops were very sweet, and I just loved the chu-toro - lovely fish oils just oozing out into my mouth. (8.5/10)

Next up, some egg plant in a rich stock - again, very nice. The egg plant was seared, and had a nice blend of textures - crispy outside and soft inside. (7.5/10) (i'm not a big egg-plant fan)

We had a big prawn tempura next, and this one was again up to Teppei's high standards - very crisp and light batter, and fresh prawn. (8/10)

Hokkaido crab was next - this one was deep fried in salt - pretty nice, definitely. (7/10)

Next up was wagyu and chicken soup - delicious. The wagyu was tender and the chicken soup again full of umami. Good flavour combinations. (8/10)

Was very impressed with the soup which came later on - soup with clams. Very delicious / refreshing. The stock was just so comforting and flavourful and was well balanced by the use of Japanese lime (says Teppei the chef). (8.5/10)

I finished off with the Fried Rice which was good, definitely! Next time I order this I will go with the sashimi rice which was what my friend ordered - far more value for money! haha. but fried rice was great as well. (7.5/10)

The best thing about this Omakase? The cost - something like this would definitely cost more than $100 in a high-end restaurant, but at Teppei, all this was mine for just $50. It is seriously good value for money and I would not hesitate to go back many many more times just for the omakase. It's just homely, hearty food cooked very well. and when you have such a lovely charming cast of waiters and chefs whom you know and who like you, dining there becomes a treat every time, as though you were dining at your own home.


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