Saturday, September 29, 2012

Keen's Steakhouse

(These posts are not in chronological order - just what I like blogging about at this point in time).

The night before I left NYC, M decided to bring me to eat US beef, so we ended up at Keen's Steakhouse which is apparently the oldest steakhouse in New York. It's one of those places where JFK, MJ, and other famous celebrities have been to, and they have personally signed off their names on the pipes that are displayed at the door. And of course, having operated since the 1800s, and having sold their 1 millionth "mutton chop" in the 1930s, they probably didn't need those endorsements, but still, I guess it's a nice touch to their establishment.

M was feeling a little ill, so we opted to share 1 prime rib and 1/2 a mutton chop. And of course, we ordered an appetizer. M really loved his bacon, and I have to say this was some monster bacon indeed - thick, with caramelized fats, it was a joy to eat but wow, the arteries! The arteries indeed!! Still - maybe a 7.5/10 (I'm not extremely fond of bacon to be honest!).
I was amazed at the size of the prime rib - it was huge. The prime rib was, well, beefy - had a good solid beefy flavour throughout and was quite tender. However, I don't enjoy prime rib as much as I did steak - always prefer a more charred flavour to my meats which you get with steak but not with prime rib - but still, that was pretty good prime rib. (8/10)

The mutton chops were delicious - quite a robust lamb flavour, more robust than lamb, these mutton chops were well, broiled, and then served with some "Bok choy". It was an interesting change from the regular steak I'd have, but it was good, no doubt. (8/10)

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