Wednesday, September 26, 2012

Ninth Street Espresso, New York City

Here's the start of the New York City posts, as I start reviewing the places that I've been to whilst plowing through the Big Apple. As I am supremely tired and lazy, I will leave the 3-star Michelin reviews till later, and I'll start with the coffee reviews. First up, is, I believe, the best place to have coffee in NYC right now - Ninth Street Espresso. Located at East 9th street, near Avenue C (in the Alphabet City), Ninth Street Espresso's coffee was just amazingly good.

First up, the space was rather nice - there's a large seating area where students sit around with their laptops, or friends hang around to talk about life, etc. There are a couple of photos here which show you what i'm talking about. Being far off the  beaten track, in the Alphabet City, I was probably the only tourist.
The barista here was also very friendly, as we chatted a little about coffee. They use a proprietary blend called Alphabet City Blend roasted by Dallis Brothers, an NYC roaster. 

The coffee was downright amazing. As an espresso, it was just delicious - juicy, toasty at the end, complex, chocolatey even. I'd give it a 9/10 without hesitation. It's a blend of Brazils, so I hear.

And as an espresso with milk (5 oz), it was equally amazing - the blend was very toasty / smokey, with a winey taste, and full bodied and dark through the milk - toasty, roasted, rounded, sweet at the end, and dare I say complex. Again a full on 9/10. 

Ninth street espresso is a definite must-go for any caffeine junkie in NYC, even though it's really off the beaten track (you have to walk past Tompkins Park to get there). 


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