Saturday, September 8, 2012

Shimbashi Soba @ Paragon

Sorry, fans of the blog, for want of update - it's been a long time! This meal dates back from two Thursdays ago, after my grueling workout at FitnessFirst. I had Shimbashi Soba with M (an old friend who now doubles up as my Body Attack instructor) and they had one of these set meals which was pretty good value for money, and very delicious - there was a mix of sushi - eel and tamago - some slices of salmon sashimi which were fresh enough, some tempura which was quite light, and the soba was just fantastic. Shimbashi Soba serves probably the best soba in Singapore and this one was excellent - very light with a just-right firm texture which went very well with the sauce. 

(8/10) - Decent especially if you're in town. 

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