Sunday, September 30, 2012

The Spotted Pig, NYC

The Spotted Pig is famous for being one of NYC's first gastropubs. Smack in the west village, the entrance to the pub is really extremely non-descript, hidden behind shrubbery in a neighbourhood that is largely residential. Having been recommended the burger here, I trooped down there the second day after I had landed in NYC to try the food there (actually wanted to try out Pearl's oyster bar but I went there too late circa 3pm and the kitchen was already closed). But Spotted pig was fine - they were open all day. 

The place really reminded me of a traditional british pub - lovely decor, red walls and lots of paintings - wait, scratch that british pub thing - actually more like a french bistro. Very delightful interior - especially with a textured ceiling and all. And apparently it's a celebrity hangout and you're supposed to see loads of celebrities there, well I didn't see any. Loads of beers here too as well, and well, some cask ales. A friend of mine told me that the cask ales here were delicious so I had to try some. I loaded up on this Spotted Pig Ale made specially for them by Brooklyn Brewery, and I have to say this was just delicious. Very clean, fruity, easy-drinking bitters-style ale, went down so easily. And so balanced as well. Highly rated - perhaps 8.5/10.

And how did the spotted pig burger fare? well, sadly, not as well as the beer - it was a simple burger, just beef with roquefort cheese on top. Well I really love roquefort cheese actually but in this case the meat was really too mild and was just blown away by the blue cheese such that I could hardly taste the meat. well if that's the intended effect then I guess the purpose worked - I'd much rather taste the beefiness of a burger though. The fries, however, were top notch - shoestring fries, with loads of rosemary - so darned addictive, and I nearly finished the entire portion of the mountain of fries, if the server hadn't asked to clear the plate. It was just as well, because I was starting to get really full by then.  The burger's an overall 7.5/10, the fries 8.5/10.

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