Saturday, October 13, 2012

Cheng Mun Chee Kee Pig's Organ Soup

A brief hiatus from my New York posts - for all my dear readers in Singapore, here's a really good pig's organ soup stall that I just discovered - which has actually been in operation for a very long time in fact. It's at 24 Foch Road, known as Cheng Mun Chee Kee Pig's Organ Soup. The pork was very fresh without any foul smell, the liver was not over-cooked, and most importantly the broth was very robust, hearty, well-balanced and comforting especially late at night. The best word to describe it would be "porky" - it is just full of porky goodness. The cilantro cuts through the porkiness very well too. (8.5/10)

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