Monday, October 22, 2012

Shake Shack, NYC

Shake Shack, which was opened by Danny Mercer's company (of the Gramercy Tavern) in 2004, has become a New York phenomenon - Ignatius Chan of Iggy's fame wrote that he loves to eat here every time he's in NYC. To me, that's understandable, since Shake Shack is a quintessential NYC experience. The line at the Madison Square Garden outlet is enormously long and everlastingly so - so I am so glad that there is this other outlet at Times Square (44th street and 8th avenue) for me to satisfy my Shake Shack cravings, which was fairly near my apartment.

shake shack with its numerous patrons at circa 4pm in the afternoon
The ambience is very casual, with high ceilings, bar stools, funky ceiling lights, and all that, and you order from a queue that snakes round and round. It's a cool place and totally hippening, being in Times Square and all. 

the menu
There are plenty of tourists around - it's Times Square after all. Hey, I'm a tourist too ain't I? I guess so hmm. Absolutely diggin' the menu that tells you how many calories there are - there are frozen shakes, the burgers of course, fries, beer, root beer, etc. 

The cool thing is the buzzer that rings once your burger's ready - the burger's made to order, so everything's fresh.

the single patty burger
And the burger was extremely good - very fresh bun, sandwiching fresh lettuce and tomatoes. The beef, made from a special proprietary blend from LaFrieda butchery, was very flavourful - not extremely beefy as what you'd get with dry aged beef, but still beefy enough, and it had a sort of 'creamy' texture and mouthfeel  - and it went very well with the special Shake Shack sauce. Very delicious. The addition of the cheese really helped as well - this is how a burger should taste like (at least, a sub $10 burger - I'll post my review of Minetta Tavern's Black Label Burger another time). This is (8.5/10).
the double patty burger

Oh, I forgot to add - you can order either a double or a single patty - the single patty's nice because you get enough sauce for the burger, but the double is even more awesome - more meat equals double the fun. Your pick. The fries, being the crinkly kind, wasn't really to my liking and I much prefer the shoestring variety. 

There's nothing like seating at this corner here, watching the world go by - PS I was here on my first day in NYC. Cheers! 


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