Friday, November 2, 2012

Lamb Cupcakery

I stumbled upon this pretty amazing cupcake shop which had just been opened by a friend's friend, B. Entirely self-taught, she bakes some really beautiful cupcakes that tasted as good as it looks, at least for the cupcake that I tried.

There wasn't much when I was there, and I didn't have much money, so I just ordered one cupcake - the salted caramel cupcake - which was a shame since i wanted to try quite a few! but i guess it was just before dinner so I needed to save some space for my Paulauner dinner. haha. 

B's a really cheerful and affable person and I'm sure quite a lot of that personality went into the cupcake. The salted caramel cupcake I had had a light crumbly cake encasing gooey salted caramel, which thankfully was not too sweet and had some nice toasted notes. Just a hint of salt to make things interesting. (8/10)

I'll probably come back to try the other creations sometime soon.

Lamb Cupcakery is at Valley Point, opposite the cold storage.

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