Thursday, November 8, 2012

Teppei - Omakase

I am starting to believe that Teppei needs an entire "category" for itself, due to the number of times I've been here - probably around 50 times? Lost count already.

I'm glad to report that yesterday's Omakase was even better than the last 2 times! Actually not far better - the standard's maintained - just that yesterday's meal had a few nice treats. 

First up - the sashimi was done very well - the yellowtail was extremely tasty, firm and fresh, and so were the scallops - very sweet - salmon belly was just as good. Tuna was good too. 

I enjoyed the raw oysters which were apparently from Japan - very nice. 

The teriyaki fish was done very well also.

At the end (the sashimi rice course) the Aji Mackerel (raw) with the chef's own sauce was really tasty - he told me that it's in season now and it looks like that's the case, judging by the taste of the Aji. And of course, negi-toro on rice is always good.

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