Wednesday, December 26, 2012


The only previous time I ate at Novus, which was at my friends' (A & G's) wedding, I was suitably impressed, and hence when there was a chance of having lunch at Novus, I jumped at the opportunity. Little did I know that the ambience was so delightful! As you can see from these photos, the interior was decorated beautifully with coloured walls, high ceilings with mirrors, flowers, warm lighting, and the like. It was very old European in execution - reminscient of the Versailles palais (somewhat) or the Schonbrunn Palace - and definitely not kitsch - very nicely done I must say. 

It was a pity, however, that they did not have their set lunch, which would have saved us a lot of money. Instead we ordered ala-carte - which meant that we could try their foie gras! And what good foie gras it was! Perfectly seared, crisp on the outside and smooth on the inside, with a lovely charred flavour giving way to a rich velvety interior with just enough taste of liver, and paired with some caramelised fruit-like things. Great dish and almost as good as the foie gras at Eleven Madison Park. Only grouse was that there was not much to go around but I guess good things comes in small packages. (8.25/10)

I had the duck confit paired with some roasted potatoes and mushrooms and sprigs of rosemary. The skin was crisp and underneath the requisite layer of fat was present - which made for enjoyable (but sinful) eating. The addition of rosemary went well with the duck, cutting through the latter's richness and muskiness with hints of spice. Overall a competent duck confit (7.5/10).

My friend had a steak which came with herbed butter. She enjoyed it and I tried a bit and it was pretty good. Probably not going to rate it here since I wouldn't be getting the full picture, but yes. 

Anyway, here's wishing you a very merry Christmas and may you be blessed by the Lord as you celebrate His birth and the wonder of it all.

(Another shot of the wonderful interior).

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