Sunday, December 16, 2012

Ramen Bari-Uma, Tanglin Shopping Centre

Yet another ramen joint has sprung up in Singapore - Ramen Bari-Uma, located at the basement of Tanglin Shopping Centre (NOT Tanglin Mall), replacing the Bombay Woodlands restaurant. Apparently it's a chain of ramen joints from Hiroshima.

The Travelling Hungryboy gave this place a very good review, stating that it has fast propelled into his top 3 ramen places in Singapore, along with Menya Mushashi and Tonkotsu King. Well, since I loved the latter two, I had to try this place out for myself.

I visited at circa 9.30pm on a Sunday night and boy was it empty - the only other diners were 4 Japanese. I ordered the Ajitama ramen (their specialty) to see what the fuss was about. 

My ramen soon came - and boy it was good! The broth was reminscent of Menya Musashi's - thick, savoury, full of umami, not too salty, and with a bit of that smoky flavour, although not as smoky as Menya's. Good, although I have to say I prefer Tonkotsu King's soup, which is a bit more complex. The pork on the other hand was better than Tonkotsu King's - it was charred nicely and had that char-grilled flavour. 

Overall a very good Ramen joint in Singapore - top 3 for tonkotsu. (8/10)

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