Thursday, January 10, 2013

Ah Hor Mee Pok Tar

A fellow foodie of mine, ice, used to run a public food blog, skinnierthantheoriginal - which readership has since been restricted to only invited guests, which was a pity since I liked reading her stuff. I do recall that she had raved enthusiastically about Ah Hor's meepok tar, waxing lyrical about the buah keluak and chilli sauce that they use. I had tried to come once before but was unable to find the coffee shop but today, I found it! In fact it's just a stone's throw away from Mustafa, in a small dingy coffee shop with alfresco seating (along a busy one-way street). A quick glance around and I figured that most people at the coffee shop were eating the meepok and most of them appeared to be rather old, probably retirees.

Well, having heard so many rave reviews, I had to give it a shot which I did. I must say that it passed the taste test - the sauce was indeed very good and went well with the noodles. There was use of buah keluak imparting a savoury flavour to the sauce, and good amounts of chilli to give it the requisite kick. However there was no pork lard which may have elevated the sauce to another level. The meepok was alright although I wish it had been cooked less so such to allow it to become more al dente - it was already rather soft. The fish balls were good, very fresh; and what I liked was the 'her geow' i.e. dumplings which were, I heard, homemade. They were very good.

We ordered a bowl of dumpling soup to share in order to enjoy the dumplings more. 

Overall Ah Hor is a really old school place selling a good bowl of meepok tar. It's these kind of old hawker stalls that really makes my (food) day - and it's imperative that one eats these stalls soon, because you don't know how long they're going to be around for, especially if their children do not decide to carry on this business. When such a day comes, hankering for the past and a good old bowl of meepok tah done the traditional way would be of little use. Hence the call to go to eat these old-timers' stalls now.

Rating: 8.25/10

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ice said...

Told you not blogging anymore tsk. Btw, ya lim meepok at Eng Hoon Street sucks haha.