Thursday, January 31, 2013

Ah Hor Mee Pok

Ah Hor Mee Pok is one of those old school places, frequented mainly by retirees hoping to get their share of a taste from long ago. As for young punks like myself, it's a reminder that food doesn't have to be posh to be good - alot of good food is found in these nooks and crannies, the skills of these chefs have been honed by time and tradition, and the proof is in the eating.

As with the case of Ah Hor, I've tried visiting this place many times but was always unable to locate it - but this time, going with F, we found it, located in a run-down coffee shop at the bottom of an industrial-looking building, just a stone's throw away from Mustafa Centre. 

We ordered the usual - from a sprightly old uncle who was wearing his "shades". Fashionably sensitive. 

And how was the meepok? Good - the sauce was an interesting and flavourful combination of buah keluak, belachan, and chilli - was pretty tasty and savoury. The teochew dumplings were really fresh - and I hear they're made in house. The only grouse I had was that the noodles were a bit too overcooked - a tad more al dente would have been perfect.

Overall, an excellent bowl, but not exceptional. (8/10) Hui Ji's version shades it by a tad.

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