Wednesday, February 13, 2013

Los Primos, Club Street

Los Primos, a Spanish joint, is a mid-level casual eatery owned by the owners of Cugini which is located just a stone throw's away, along the Pariseque Club Street. I do think that Los Primos is rather like Paris, it looks a bit like Montmartre with its hills and streets and shophouses and besides the type of shops that you see on Club Street would not look out of place in Montmartre. Just saying.

Anyway, the food was reviewed favourably by ieat quite a while ago and here's my roundup of it. Of course, going after a famous food blogger like ieat, there is always some inevitable comparison. Well and I guess I took the queues from him to decide what to order, and here's my take on it. As you can see, the decor's very casual and home-style, giving a very communal atmosphere.
We started off with a wonderful warm octopus with extra virgin olive oil. This was one of the highlights - very good. Warm octopus, very tender and succulent, and doused with the finest olive oil giving a seductive balance to the whole dish. I really liked it and kept nibbling at it. (8.5/10)


We had some Jambon Iberico and this was pretty good too - alot of umami flavours reminiscent of a good aged cheese. Briny but that's to be expected. Reasonably priced. (7.5/10)

The Paella was really good here - you taste alot of the seafood flavours which have soaked into the rice, mixed with the saffron of course. Just two small pieces of langoustine which wasn't much - since I really adore langoustine I could have done with more. The Paella could have been a little more burnt at the bottom (there wasn't much of a 'soccarat' so to speak). Overall competent: 8/10

I was quite disappointed with the grilled pork armpit - it was tough and not very flavourful, as it was meant to be. (5/10)

And lastly, the croquettes with bechamel sauce which was highly recommended by ieat was pretty good - a bite into the croquette, and bechamel sauce oozed out which coated the chicken nicely. Very creamy and comforting. (8/10). (and fatty).

Overall, the bill came up to about SGD50 a head. It was quite reasonably priced considering the amount we ate. Worth a visit if you're into Spanish food, although having said that, recently there's been so many Spanish food places which have popped up over the island - Catalunya, Binomio, Bomba, etc. Add Los Primos to the list.

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