Monday, March 18, 2013

Ah Heng Duck Rice

Now, this duck rice, Ah Heng Duck Rice, was nothing short of amazing. Located at the second floor of Hong Lim facing the outside, near to where the Prawn Noodles are, this stall originated from the famed Heng Ji at Tekka Market, and here I was once again greeted with that same comforting delicious taste. The dark savoury, slightly sweet and viscous gravy, perfect smothered over white rice - was just awesome stuff. The duck was flavourful and went perfectly with the sauce and was of a good texture. Just the right amount of oil too. Cheers and worth a visit definitely. (8.5/10)

Tuesday, March 12, 2013

Chef D'Table, Chijmes

My colleagues (actually, my bosses) love this place, and they always rave about the impeccable quality of the cooking here. My other friend likewise concurs - so I figured this place must have some standard. It was my sister's birthday - a perfect occasion to bring my family here.

Chef D'Table is located at the first floor of Chijmes near the chapel / car-park, next to Carnivore. It's an elegant, homely space, which strikes a balance between being too minimalist and being too cluttered. Not a big space, by any means, but enough for perhaps 10-12 tables inside - which means that the sound volume is maintained.

There's an open kitchen where you see the chefs doing what they do, huddling about, frying meats, whisking sauces, and the like. Pretty entertaining - I always like to stand in close proximity to watch what they are doing.

There were alot of choices on the menu, but everyone says you must have the chilled angel-hair pasta with truffle oil; the lobster bisque; and the beef. Hence, I ordered the 4-course degustation which has, voila, all of these 3 dishes plus dessert. Couldn't go wrong!

I wasn't wrong - the first course came i.e. chilled angel-hair pasta with truffle oil. This was superb - the pasta was cooked just right drizzled with loads of white truffle oil - the natural kind - giving it a heady fragrance of truffles; and mixed with some ebbiko roe. One of the great dishes this year! (8.75/10)

Next up was a lobster bisque served in a cappuccino cup - it had an intense seafood taste of fresh lobster, really nice. The flavours really shone through. Brilliant. One of the best lobster bisques - the only problem is that there was just too little of it. (8.5/10)

For my main course, I had US Beef Angus Ribeye, and this was really really tasty too. The beef had lots of beefy flavour, and cooked just right - medium rare. The jus was absolutely amazing and went extremely well with the beef - probably one of the best "sauces" I have had accompanying steak. Overall (8.5/10)

I became friends with the (?head waiter/manager) Ronnie - and instead of a meagre dessert platter, he brought out this! (see below). Loads of delectable delights for the entire family to share, ranging from a creme brulee, to a caramel, macarons, and green tea mousse. 

Special mention goes out to their dessert of sago and gula melaka which was really delicious. Can't say more. (8/10)

Overall Chef D'Table is highly recommended for very consistent, excellent, sublime cooking, where the flavours really shine through and where each morsel is a joy to savour.

Wednesday, March 6, 2013

Noodle Place Restaurant, Singapore

Apologies for not having updated for a while - work has been busy and I have been lazy to go online to update the blog - but thanks for the readership anyway!

Anyway, this is a place that has been on the food radar of most food bloggers for a long while - i.e. Noodle Place Restaurant in Centrepoint. I was running some errands at Centrepoint so I figured I'd come down here for a quick dinner. Apparently the executive chef of Mak's Noodles runs the show here now - hence the food must be good right?

I ordered the Shrimp Wonton and Dumpling Noodle in soup form - which is their specialty. It was definitely good - very savoury broth rich with little 'prawns', giving it a very seafood-ish and savoury taste. The noodles were very al dente and remained that way - springy with a good bite and texture. The wontons were also excellent. This tastes like the Wonton Noodles I had at HK airport, definitely. 

Pretty good! (8/10)