Wednesday, May 22, 2013

A tail of two fish soupz

Fish soup (yu2 pian4 tang1) seems to be every CBD office lady's favourite dish; since it's healthy and good for you, and importantly it doesn't make you want to doze off after lunch into a food coma. Walk around the hawker centres in the CBD and the fish soup stall (along with the yong tau foo stall) is inevitably the one with the longest queue.

So, which fish soup is best? In Amoy Food Centre, the fish soup with the longest queue is Han Kee (Level 2); it literally snakes past 5 other stalls next to it in an L-shaped formation. Incredible. Thankfully, the queue moves very fast, as it has to be (for CBD patrons). I ordered a S$7 portion - and the bowl was chockful of fresh fish. This was Teochew style fish soup at its best - cheng1, clear soup, with the subtle sweetness of fish enlivened by bits of fried garlic to give some aroma. As expected, the fish was very fresh, and cooked just right. Overall, a great bowl of fish soup, if you don't mind waiting about 20 minutes for it in the sweltering heat.

The other fish soup I tried was the Golden Shoe Fish Soup #03-25 - the one with the red signboard located at the side. I ordered the mixed fish soup ("swung yu") means you get a mixture of fried fish and sliced fresh fish. The sliced fish was, well, fresh, but what was really nice was the fried fish - very tasty. The soup, enlivened with rice wine, was delicious as well - worth slurping down.

Overall, I'd give both fish soups (8.25/10) - a tie - both do the trick for me as far as fish soup is concerned. 

Anyone has any opinions? 

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JC said...

What is "swung yu"? Do you mean "双鱼"?