Tuesday, May 14, 2013

Casa Tartufo

A friend of mine heavily recommended Casa Tartufo - located at Forum the Shopping Mall. To be honest, my repertoire of Italian restaurants is not great - I much prefer France anytime. In fact, I've been to France a few times, but never to Italy. Hence, Italian food to me is just - so-so; though I do recognise that they have the potential to grow wonderful produce.

Hence, I am usually lost when asked about where to eat Italian; and I'd usually ask around. My friend recommended this place (as mentioned); so I cam here. Located at the first floor of Forum, the ambience was quite lovely - as you can see from the photo. Unfortunately (for them but fortunately for us), it was rather empty.

We ordered an appetizer of fried sardines, which went down quite well; sardines drizzled with fresh olive oil. Quite a yummy combination, much unlike those tinned ones that you get.

I enjoyed my pasta a great deal - the Tajarin - which is basically fresh tagliatelle with black truffles. Very intense depth of flavour and very comforting overall - you can't go wrong smothering an entire dish with truffles. Yummy. (8/10). The price was really expensive though.

My friend's veal chop (Milanese) was pretty ordinary, though admittedly it was a really huge chunk. However, for that sort of prices, I expected far better. (6.5/10)

We left the place not thinking that we would return, save for the Tajarin. We spent close to a hundred per head including wine when I suspect that the quality of food served at other joints would be better, for a much lower price. If each dish were reduced by SGD10 per dish, I may consider going back. After all I don't earn a 5 figure salary. 


Anonymous said...

i like casa tartufo very much. Did you talk to the owners? I think part of the charm is that talking to the Italian owner who married a Singaporean wife, and they have this cute baby. It looks grand on the outside but the service is very homely.

The food is quite awesome too. The burrata is one of the best in Singapore, and the pasta, as you rightly said, is great.

Anonymous said...
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