Sunday, May 5, 2013

Pasarbella Farmer's Market

The majority of my weekend was spent at Pasarbella, which is a permanent Farmer's Market located at Turf City. It reminded me of the indoor portion of Borough Market, with many food stalls and little alleyways for people to walk; in fact it was really nice, kind of like a wet-market selling atas food and in clean conditions. I was really surprised, actually, that it took so long for someone to come up with a concept such as this - but I'm glad that they did, because I really really like this place, so much so that I came twice over the weekend, one on Saturday and one on Sunday!

I visited Pasarbella on Saturday with a friend also known as CK - and we had a good time trying out stuff such as the seafood from Oceans of Seafood - which is separated into the Japanese portion and the international portion. I didn't feel like trying Japanese, so we tried some scampi and langoustines from the international section, as well as some Canadian oysters. They were pretty good! The langoustines were really delicious; succulent meat with sweet flesh from the heads; the scampi were even sweeter - all full of the "sea" taste. (8/10) What really stole the show were the sauces - there was a langoustine sauce and a miso butter sauce and both were extremely delicious and would probably go very well with bread, so much so that CK ta-paoed the remaining sauce home! ha!

We had some Canadian oysters as well, which were very good; sweet and tasting of the sea. And the best part was the affordability - half a dozen of those things for SGD14 was a great deal. (8/10)

Next up - we wanted to try the sausage rolls from Huber's, but it was already 8'o clock and they were sold out; so we ventured to Omakase burger instead. I've already blogged about omakase, so I wouldn't do a second review...we came back into the market to try some cheeses instead from the Cheese Ark. They stock some really rare cheeses which you'd be hard-pressed to find elsewhere, since the cheesemonger Ai Meng has developed a huge network of contacts from her days in Italy. I bought an Appenberger, which was pretty tasty, I have to say.

That concluded Day One...

The next day i.e. today, I had some time to kill before going to church, so I headed down to the market again, hoping to catch some of these sausages from Huber's. But the queue was insanely long, so I ventured into this little stall called Nibbles to try their lovely English pies. Their steak and mushroom pie was just delicious - flaky pastry encasing tender, succulent beef with mushrooms, and a robust gravy. Excellent british pies and one of the best I've eaten. (8.5/10). No photo, however...

Table at 7's stall
And next to Nibbles was Table at 7's stall selling Rendang burgers - and this was very tasty as well; full-bodied, hearty rendang redolent with fragrant spices, served in a bun soaking up the gravy. Yummy. I like this - (8.5/10)

Was feeling a little full, so I headed to get some coffee from Dutch Colony, located at the other side of the market. I wasn't expecting much, but the coffee was actually very delicious! The espresso I had, a single-origin from Colombia, was really really chocolatey - delightful. (8.5/10)

The cappuccino I had, with their blend, was alright as well - it was more on the full-bodied side as compared to other places such as Nylon or Stranger's Reunion - roasted to a darker consistency probably. Not bad! (7.5/10)

Overall, there are many other outlets which I haven't been able to try; I really do want to come back to try Huber's, and perhaps the Japanese section of Oceans; as well as the paella from Le Patio. Next time, perhaps! There's also Windowsill Pies which are very yummy as well...

I'm so glad we finally have a market such as Pasarbella. Great stuff; can't wait to return for my next visit!

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