Sunday, May 26, 2013

Pasarbella Revisited

Pasarbella is fast becoming one of my favourite places - its probably the feel of the place and the fact that there's just so much variety which suits me very well.

this week I spied the lobsters that were going for three for SGD100, so four of us shared three lobsters. The south African lobsters had really sweet meat and a nice flavour overall; the Boston ones had much stiffer meat but lovely milt in the heads. Can't go wrong with boiled live lobsters really. 8/10

Came back to pasarbella on Sunday and visited the cheese ark again and this time we managed to procure a cheese platter to eat - the Francine , a soft cheese, was creamy and mild; the guttus, a blue cheese, had a really intense flavour reminiscent of rochefort (how to tell the difference ?) ; but the highlight was the alisia-Victoria which is a cheese made from unpasteurised milk. it was just delicious - with a flavour which is so complex and intense... lovely cheese that deserves a 9/10. wanted to buy back a few but thought better of it for the sake of my waistline :)

Had some more oysters this time the us plate oysters were pretty sweet. yum!!

I find myself spending more and more time at Pasarbella, if I'm being honest with myself. It's just the carnival feel of it I guess - maybe I should return to Borough market then.

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