Sunday, June 30, 2013

Momma Kong's Crab Shack, Mosque Street

What happens when you pair up the newer generation knowhow and innovation with the older generation's time-honed recipes? You get Momma Kong's Crab Shack which is an intriguing combination of the young and the old. For starters, the place does not look like it sells traditional Asian seafood that we've so associated with Jumbo and the other seafood restaurants that have been selling the same since the 60s. No, in fact, it's got a pretty cool chic atmosphere replete with red chairs and walls and all that, and a proper bar serving Nikita whiskey and other cool stuff. Asahi on tap. And even the blasting of R&B music, just like a proper "shack".

In fact, I felt that the vibe reminded me of some of the informal hostels I visited in Berlin, or in some parts of Europe; really just a relax chilled-out place. 

The menu wasn't too extensive, they focussed basically on crabs (duh). You could have it a few ways i.e. in a crab bee hoon, as a black pepper crab, or a chilli crab.

We tried the black pepper crab which was pretty delicious. Quite an addictive gravy, alot of freshly ground peppercorns (that were relatively coarse) which imparted alot of heat, some 'eggs'; and on the sweet side. The meat of the crabs were fresh. Nothing much to complain about; competently done. (7.5/10).

We also had the Mantous which were delicious as well; they came in a rather modern shape, a little twisted in the style of a croissant. I felt this was better since it meant that more surface area would be fried and it would be easy to eat. True enough, that was the case. The mantou went very well with the gravy (8/10).

And lastly we had some greens - these were okay only; I don't really care much for Shanghai greens fried in garlic to be honest. (5/10)

In conclusion, Momma Kong's Crab Shack's a cool place if you want to have your beers, eat your crabs, and chill out. A laid back atmosphere beckons you in; don't take yourself too seriously, as the owner told me.

Okay, cheers.

Tuesday, June 25, 2013

Tanuki Raw

Visited Tanuki when I was near Orchard because it was just at the right time and they were having their happy hour promotion - basically it's cheap oysters when you order an alcoholic drink from 5 - 8. And since it was about 4.30, I figured, why not just wait a while and pay Tanuki a visit.

I was rather fortunate they were serving the Fines de Claires oysters that day. As the oysterphiles would know, Fines de Claires oysters are matured in "claires" in Marenne, France - and they develop this wonderfully briny, yet sweet flavours - that really come through once you start chewing them. They were delicious and I would give it a solid (8.5/10).

On a related note, just a bit of food education here, my friends...the thign is, alot of people don't know how to eat oysters - THING IS, YOU GOTTA CHEW THE OYSTER - yes chomp chomp chomp chomp. It won't taste good if you simply just swallowed it down like a shooter - you have to CHEW THE OYSTER.

The reason is because the oyster has glycogen which is converted into something a little "sweet" once you start chewing it. 

For a great oyster guide I would recommend this: It's a beautiful guide that has helped me immensely and I hope you read it because it may change the way you perceive an oyster to be.

The salmon that accompanied it was just so-so to be honest; rather "nahhh".

In fact I enjoyed the oysters so much that I'm coming back today - wait for me, oyster boys!

Saturday, June 8, 2013


Truth be told, I kind of had a "falling out" with Sarnies - perhaps at the point when the coffee was getting quite nasty. I havent gone back for quite a long time, but when I went back two times this week, I'm glad to report that it passed muster and exceeded expectations. The cappuccinos that I had were good both times - my Yemen was lovely with all the rich ripe and winey flavours coming through very well (8/10) and the cappuccino I had the first time was also pretty decent.

Food at Sarnies has always been good. I had a nice English fry-up which consisted of sunny side up eggs, bacon, sausage, and their very well done baked beans. Delicious and extremely hearty. 8/10

Their steak sandwich was good too though the only gripe I had was the fact that their Aussie grass-fed beef was a bit too tough. Lessen the toughness and we'd have a winner. 7/10.

Next time I will definitely try the chicken pesto salad- my dining companions both trips had that, and the pesto tasted wonderful.

Cheers and fine I will fall back in love with Sarnies. Welcome back.

Otto Ristorante

Our work client suggested going to Otto for lunch so we visited the place for a chance to try its lunch menu. I haven't actually visited Otto before and having heard all the good reviews about it, expectations were high.

The bosses, client and I all had the lunch menu which was pretty standard - bread; amuse bouche; starter, main, and dessert. For the starter we had a zucchini soup - rather subtle taste (read- slightly lacking in flavor).

The lamb shanks for the main was pretty good, rich and hearty albeit rather tough (I thought lamb shanks were supposed to really tender). Polenta wasn't bad.

The dessert was ice cream which was okay though it could've been ore fragrant. Surprisingly, the coffee was pretty good. 

Overall, I was a little underwhelmed considering Otto's high reputation but maybe it was just the lunch set. I should come back one day to try its sea urchin pasta which is what it's famous for.

Tuesday, June 4, 2013

Steak & Eggs at the Nassim Hill Bakery

It's a little weird blogging about steak and eggs at the Nassim Hill Bakery, but I was pleasantly surprised at how nice it tasted. We just finished church service and we were hungry and looking for something to eat and my friend suggested the Nassim Hill Bakery, so off we went. It was pretty good, I must say - the steak was seasoned well with good beefy flavour (sirloin cut); and the eggs done overeasy were done well; runny yolk and all. I especially liked the sauce which was lovely just as a dip for bread.

I hear the other breakfast items are great as well, and it may be a good place to go to get some hearty grub. Cheers. (7.5/10)

PS: I've been eating at Teppei too often, bahaha. But then again, it's too good not to go there a few times a week.