Sunday, June 30, 2013

Momma Kong's Crab Shack, Mosque Street

What happens when you pair up the newer generation knowhow and innovation with the older generation's time-honed recipes? You get Momma Kong's Crab Shack which is an intriguing combination of the young and the old. For starters, the place does not look like it sells traditional Asian seafood that we've so associated with Jumbo and the other seafood restaurants that have been selling the same since the 60s. No, in fact, it's got a pretty cool chic atmosphere replete with red chairs and walls and all that, and a proper bar serving Nikita whiskey and other cool stuff. Asahi on tap. And even the blasting of R&B music, just like a proper "shack".

In fact, I felt that the vibe reminded me of some of the informal hostels I visited in Berlin, or in some parts of Europe; really just a relax chilled-out place. 

The menu wasn't too extensive, they focussed basically on crabs (duh). You could have it a few ways i.e. in a crab bee hoon, as a black pepper crab, or a chilli crab.

We tried the black pepper crab which was pretty delicious. Quite an addictive gravy, alot of freshly ground peppercorns (that were relatively coarse) which imparted alot of heat, some 'eggs'; and on the sweet side. The meat of the crabs were fresh. Nothing much to complain about; competently done. (7.5/10).

We also had the Mantous which were delicious as well; they came in a rather modern shape, a little twisted in the style of a croissant. I felt this was better since it meant that more surface area would be fried and it would be easy to eat. True enough, that was the case. The mantou went very well with the gravy (8/10).

And lastly we had some greens - these were okay only; I don't really care much for Shanghai greens fried in garlic to be honest. (5/10)

In conclusion, Momma Kong's Crab Shack's a cool place if you want to have your beers, eat your crabs, and chill out. A laid back atmosphere beckons you in; don't take yourself too seriously, as the owner told me.

Okay, cheers.

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