Saturday, June 8, 2013

Otto Ristorante

Our work client suggested going to Otto for lunch so we visited the place for a chance to try its lunch menu. I haven't actually visited Otto before and having heard all the good reviews about it, expectations were high.

The bosses, client and I all had the lunch menu which was pretty standard - bread; amuse bouche; starter, main, and dessert. For the starter we had a zucchini soup - rather subtle taste (read- slightly lacking in flavor).

The lamb shanks for the main was pretty good, rich and hearty albeit rather tough (I thought lamb shanks were supposed to really tender). Polenta wasn't bad.

The dessert was ice cream which was okay though it could've been ore fragrant. Surprisingly, the coffee was pretty good. 

Overall, I was a little underwhelmed considering Otto's high reputation but maybe it was just the lunch set. I should come back one day to try its sea urchin pasta which is what it's famous for.

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