Saturday, June 8, 2013


Truth be told, I kind of had a "falling out" with Sarnies - perhaps at the point when the coffee was getting quite nasty. I havent gone back for quite a long time, but when I went back two times this week, I'm glad to report that it passed muster and exceeded expectations. The cappuccinos that I had were good both times - my Yemen was lovely with all the rich ripe and winey flavours coming through very well (8/10) and the cappuccino I had the first time was also pretty decent.

Food at Sarnies has always been good. I had a nice English fry-up which consisted of sunny side up eggs, bacon, sausage, and their very well done baked beans. Delicious and extremely hearty. 8/10

Their steak sandwich was good too though the only gripe I had was the fact that their Aussie grass-fed beef was a bit too tough. Lessen the toughness and we'd have a winner. 7/10.

Next time I will definitely try the chicken pesto salad- my dining companions both trips had that, and the pesto tasted wonderful.

Cheers and fine I will fall back in love with Sarnies. Welcome back.

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