Tuesday, June 4, 2013

Steak & Eggs at the Nassim Hill Bakery

It's a little weird blogging about steak and eggs at the Nassim Hill Bakery, but I was pleasantly surprised at how nice it tasted. We just finished church service and we were hungry and looking for something to eat and my friend suggested the Nassim Hill Bakery, so off we went. It was pretty good, I must say - the steak was seasoned well with good beefy flavour (sirloin cut); and the eggs done overeasy were done well; runny yolk and all. I especially liked the sauce which was lovely just as a dip for bread.

I hear the other breakfast items are great as well, and it may be a good place to go to get some hearty grub. Cheers. (7.5/10)

PS: I've been eating at Teppei too often, bahaha. But then again, it's too good not to go there a few times a week.

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